The Lonely Few – My Artistic Goal

I am human, so when somebody says to me that he or she thinks that I paint well, then that feels good. It means I have developed my technical skills and that I did something right. But in my artistic view technical skills are not enough. Only now and then, a friend or a completeContinue reading “The Lonely Few – My Artistic Goal”

Homeless – new spooky Artwork

‘Homeless’ By Eva Mout, Ursus Art If you would rather invest in a print: A4 – €20,= / A3 – €30,= (p&p not included) For any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or to email me at: Did you enjoy this? Then please like my post and follow my blog!

Forgotten – not even a Poem

‘Forgotten – not even a Poem’ A Poem by Eva Mout, Ursus Art I can see that I’m there again: sitting on the wrong side of the window, trying to catch a glimpse of past blood and love. I need to tend to old feelings and faces. And to the last moments of the disintegratedContinue reading “Forgotten – not even a Poem”

Inside World

A Poem By Eva Mout In here, since last year, all halls deserted, clocks slowing down, hardly any visitors, and their last few footsteps printed with caution One sits and one waits True moments of courage, then cringing and crawling, for one aims to please Wonderful schemes  and ancient dreams will never be dreamt again

A Heart for Art – a Blessing and a Curse

An ode to the artist’s heart. There is an ongoing conflict in the mind of an artist: the deep need to reach inside and express that what occupies the heart, and on the other hand the awareness of the expectations that an overall brain-ruled society has of him and the lack of understanding that comesContinue reading “A Heart for Art – a Blessing and a Curse”

The Purpose of Art?

There are many theories about the purpose of art. Even though art is generally not considered to be a basic necessity of life, it proves to be hugely important to artists and art-lovers. I have heard people say that art is almost like breathing to them. And indeed I have noticed that being unable toContinue reading “The Purpose of Art?”

Little Captain Lullaby

A poem What does he feel when he stays down below, What are his troubles that tease him so What does he sing when you don’t hear him sigh, He sings of oceans, grand and majestic, He sings his Captain Lullaby Are you that lonely, my almighty friend? Have you no equals who too neverContinue reading “Little Captain Lullaby”