Remembering Rose

My best friend died last week. Just like that. Nobody asked me. When I learned about my friend’s sudden death on Facebook, my world collapsed. Although Rose and I never met, since she lived on the other side of the globe, she was my number one Facebook friend for six years. We talked almost everyContinue reading “Remembering Rose”

5 Tips to keep up your Creativity during Lockdown.

I bet many of you are now ready for the end of the lockdown and all the Covid – problems! You’re probably ready for spring time to arrive and for a long holiday. So am I….. More than ready! With two children at home to homeschool and to give attention, there hardly is any timeContinue reading “5 Tips to keep up your Creativity during Lockdown.”

I shall make Art, whatever it takes!

How is it, that just when I am super busy with homeschooling two boys, sick cats, housework, lockdown issues, problems with teachers and interfering aunties, that suddenly people want to commission me to do super cool artworks? I don’t know, but it seems to be a natural law! Whenever I get busy doing practical andContinue reading “I shall make Art, whatever it takes!”

7 Tips for when you get stuck with your Artwork!

When you’re an artist, who takes his work seriously, you know that point in time when you stare at your work and don’t know how to continue. Making an artwork means to solve visual problems, and sometimes you just don’t immediately have the solution. That is a normal thing, we’re only human. But it canContinue reading “7 Tips for when you get stuck with your Artwork!”

10 Tips to keep your Painting loose and alive!

One of the visual problems some artists have, is that they find it hard to keep their painting or drawing ‘alive’. As an artist, you want your painting to look ‘just so’, so you want to give the problem areas all your attention, time and energy. But this is a dangerous thing, because you canContinue reading “10 Tips to keep your Painting loose and alive!”

The Essence of favourite Objects

I remember my art teacher asking us pupils this question over and over again: ‘What do you think an artwork should look like? Show me the answer in your work!’ At the time I had no answer to his question at all. I had not yet developed my own idea of what I found toContinue reading “The Essence of favourite Objects”

Dreamscape 3 – new Artwork

Dreamscape 3 By Eva Mout, Ursus Art If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at, or just leave a comment! High quality A4 – prints of this artwork are available for €20,= and A3 for €30,=. Did you enjoy this? Then please like my post and follow my blog!

Creation Frustration

Creation Frustration A rant by Eva Mout, Ursus Art Many times I have wished that being an artist would work the same as being an accountant, a shelf stocker or a mechanic. I mean, some jobs don’t really need inspiration or the right mindset or emotion. They just need to get done. I love toContinue reading “Creation Frustration”