For sale: Haunted House Postcards

Here they are: my Haunted House Postcards! I hope you like them. They feature my best dark artworks. They are suitable as a small print to put in a photo frame or simply to send to your friends and family. The postcards are €12,= per set of 5. If you’re interested, please choose the setContinue reading “For sale: Haunted House Postcards”

My Christmas Offer is today!

My Christmas offer is TODAY and is valid until Dec.18! So, have a browse on my website and pick your favourite one! Don’t forget that it is possible to order prints of the original artworks that you like, even if the original is already sold. And since the discount is on my whole collection, thatContinue reading “My Christmas Offer is today!”

Sometimes you need an Artwork to be made especially for you!

It is a rare and wonderful thing when you run into an artwork that is perfect in every way: The artwork that touches your heart, because it depicts your favourite subject in such a way that you have to keep looking at it. It gives you that wonderful emotion, that you can experience again andContinue reading “Sometimes you need an Artwork to be made especially for you!”