A Heart for Art – a Blessing and a Curse

An ode to the artist’s heart. There is an ongoing conflict in the mind of an artist: the deep need to reach inside and express that what occupies the heart, and on the other hand the awareness of the expectations that an overall brain-ruled society has of him and the lack of understanding that comesContinue reading “A Heart for Art – a Blessing and a Curse”

Creation Fatigue, a Luxury

Well, it is to me….. Creation fatigue is an expression I just made up myself. But I think you kind of already guess what I mean by that. It means that you have been able to work so consistently, over a longer period of time, that you have had the chance to produce one orContinue reading “Creation Fatigue, a Luxury”

Balance is Key …. right?

“This is not a creative therapy session! You are at art academy, get serious or go home!” I can still hear my teacher yelling in my mind sometimes, when I’m at work. Hearing him shout this through the classroom when I was 21, made a big impression on me at the time, and it wasn’tContinue reading “Balance is Key …. right?”

Life long blue Period

Perhaps you have visited my blog yesterday, after having read my first post…. (www.ursusart.studio) If you did, you might have noticed, that the colour blue is ubiquitous. We all know that many artists go through a ‘blue period’, like Picasso, and for Yves Klein it seemed to be the only existing colour. In Der BlaueContinue reading “Life long blue Period”

First Post by an Artist on a Mission

When you’re an artist, these days it is crucial to get your work ‘out there’ on social media. Especially if you don’t want to get stuck in the local arts and crafts-scene of your home town, which I really, really don’t. The words ‘out there’ aren’t very defined. The goal is to get my artworksContinue reading “First Post by an Artist on a Mission”