• Do you ship internationally? – Yes, I ship to wherever you are. I do however need up to two workdays to find out what the shipping costs will be to your address.
  • What are the shipping costs? – The shipping costs depend on the weight of the parcel and on where it is to be sent. You will receive a message with the shipping costs within two workdays.
  • What are the artworks painted/drawn on? – Most of my artworks are done on paper. Paper artworks are easy to frame, and since it is a light material, it reduces not only the shipping costs., but also the price of the artwork itself. Also, paper is an easy material to safely ship without danger of damaging the product.
  • Does the artwork come framed? – Sorry, it does not. For two reasons: The first reason is that without a frame, the artwork is much easier and cheaper to ship. That way I can keep the total cost affordable for you. And the second reason is that the choice of a frame is a matter of personal taste. In my case, the frame is not a part of the artwork itself.
  • Can I order a print or postcards of any artwork that I like? – You can order any artwork you like, except for my selfie art.
  • Do you take commissions? – Yes, I do take commissions, but always after having had several conversations to get to an agreement in which becomes clear what your wishes are and what I can deliver. I retain the rights to refuse a commission without explanation.
  • What does a commission cost? – Commissions are bespoke and so are the prices. We will agree on a price, before I start working on the commission. I do except a down payment of 40% of the price.
  • What happens if I don’t like the commission you did for me? – There are several options when that happens: Perhaps I can make some changes to the artwork, that will change your point of view. Small changes mean an additional costs of €10,= per correction. Big changes will mean an overall review of the price of the artwork. And in the case of you wanting me to make a different artwork altogether, then I keep the down payment and we will negotiate on the price of the new artwork.
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