First Book Cover Release!

I am so proud to announce that my first book cover is a fact! In 23 days from now, the teaser horror book ‘Sour Roots’ by the fantastic Shawn Burgess will appear with my artwork on the cover! This prequel will be introducing you to two more horror books: ‘The Tear Collector’ and its sequel ‘Ghosts of Grief Hollow’, both with my artworks on the covers. How cool is that! And the books are pretty damn cool too! You’ll see!

My dream has come true. I have always wanted to do a horror book cover. Preferably for an American horror writer. And now I did three! I can now officially say I am a cover artist.

More to follow!

‘Sour Roots’, ink on paper, A4, original sold, available as a high quality print.
Shawn Burgess’s release tweet on Twitter.

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