‘Witching Hour’

‘Witching Hour’

By Eva Mout, Ursus Art

This new artwork of mine is a tribute to you ladies in my life. A tribute to your strength, wisdom, loyalty and endurance. To your humor, kindness, your natural sense of responsibility, creativity, spirituality and your ability to overcome almost any situation.

Our traits over hundreds, probably thousands of years have been belittled, suppressed, ridiculed, ignored, punished, laughed at and made out to be a bad thing. And we know that that still happens every day. Well, that must mean that what we are capable of, must be very scary thing…. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been an issue. And when we finally stand up for ourselves, we sometimes are made out to be witches or b’s. So be it. Having healthy boundaries is incredibly necessary, especially for women, and that is why we are still here. So Hocus Pocus!

I want to thank you ladies for your presence in my life, for you standing by me in difficult times with your words of wisdom and sometimes with silent support. God knows I need you!

Witch on, ladies and keep spreading goodness like the witch in my painting!

Ink on paper – A4 – €130

This artwork is also available as a high quality print.

Kind regards, Eva Mout

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