Message from a dear Friend and Customer

A sweet friend of mine, Barbara, who lives on the other side of the world, asked me whether I was willing to make a blog post for her, in which she could express her love for my art! How many people are so lucky to get a request like this? I mean, earning a bit of money doing art is rather nice and also necessary. But these wonderful things people sometimes tell me what my art does to them, in the end is worth ten times more. And Barbara is not only a loyal supporter of my work, but also a a true friend. We artists need people like her and I am lucky to have her

. This is what she wrote. I copied/pasted her message:

Dear Eva, being introduced to you online was immediate love with your art, and not long to absolutely adore you. My personal opinion, "You are fantastic and so your art unequivocally follows right along."

When I saw her landscapes, my thoughts ran to how cool it would be to have her impression of my description of my grandparents farm in Nebraska, the United States. As I explained things to her she would show me drafts, and even allowed me a couple chances at change before she put it down permanent 😏

Eva's depiction of my childhood memory is fantastic. It is a subtle blend if my fondness, and her unique combination of darkness and nostalgia. I will treasure it forever.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Barbara. You have no idea what they mean to you. I can only hope that I am as good a friend to you, as you are to me.

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