Art Pondering

Dear fellow artists, never adapt to the demands of your audience. You are the artist. If your work doesn’t come from within you, then it is dead and you will suffer for it. The spectator doesn’t know what it wants, until it is confronted with that what touches him. And you cannot touch people with a sell out.
The audience should reach up to your level. Not the other way around. Never give away your power and authenticity for the sake of fame or money.
Keep working on that what makes your work real and unique and in the end it will find the people who can appreciate it for what it’s worth!
Just saying.

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

4 thoughts on “Art Pondering

  1. “Never give away your power and authenticity for the sake of fame or money.”

    This is such an important quote that I’ve been learning a lot about lately as a writer. It’s so easy to write for money, but I have to always remember that I write to express myself too, and just because I’m earning money from my craft doesn’t mean I need to forget my real artistic goals. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. Thank you, Stuart! Many people have given me advice to adapt my subjects and style to ‘the audience’, whoever that may be. It made me feel dead inside, just hearing that advice. I am not a craftsman, but an artist. It is the job of an artist to step out of society, think of something new, then come back to society to present it. It might be accepted or not. All the great ones have first been ridiculed because of their extraordinary ideas. But as soon as the ideas were accepted, people said: ‘I always knew he had it in him’. Nonsense of course, but that is the human condition.

      We artists live on an island sometimes to get to the best of ourselves. We are not here for our neighbour’s opinion. It is a lonely profession, but we need to stay authentic. I am glad you agree. It’s not an easy thing. And money can not replace the feeling of self worth. ❤️

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