New Artwork: ‘Portrait’


By Eva Mout, Ursus Art

It is obvious that I am still searching for a style and technique to make my own when it comes to doing portraits again. It was time for me to stop doing my illustrations of haunted houses for a while. So here I am….. trying many different things. But that is a nice journey to be on. Every time I step out of my comfort zone and begin something new, I need a while to ‘settle’. Once settled, I enjoy a lovely time of easy painting, more sales and an overload of ideas. But that wonderful time will end too, so it’s nice to be able to look forward to it. I need to reinvent myself every time, for otherwise I feel more like a craftsman than an artist. And beginnings are always the hardest and at the same time, the most promising!

See you soon and stay safe,

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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