The Lonely Few – My Artistic Goal

I am human, so when somebody says to me that he or she thinks that I paint well, then that feels good. It means I have developed my technical skills and that I did something right. But in my artistic view technical skills are not enough.

Only now and then, a friend or a complete stranger says to me: “Eva, I don’t know how you do it, but looking at your latest work, it’s like you can look into the secret corners of my soul! That what I couldn’t put into words, you paint! I thought I was the only one that had images like this in my mind, but apparently I am not alone.”

Only then I feel accomplished. And happy. If words could say everything, then art wouldn’t have been necessary. But it clearly is.

Most people find enough contentment in viewing pretty pictures, like most people feel happy wearing clothes that do not stand out. But my goal is to reach the hidden corners of the mind of those few people, who always feel like an exception, who feel lonely in their darkness, who feel weird compared to most people, and who are too intelligent to be content with what the mainstream artist and media provide. I have all these things with them in common. When my work is recognised by the viewer, it’s like touching that person’s invisible wound, which is there but often overlooked. To the bearer of this wound it is obvious that I am aware of it, because I just managed to paint an picture of it. And it makes him or her feel understood and I hope a little bit less lonely.

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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