I shall make Art, whatever it takes!

How is it, that just when I am super busy with homeschooling two boys, sick cats, housework, lockdown issues, problems with teachers and interfering aunties, that suddenly people want to commission me to do super cool artworks? I don’t know, but it seems to be a natural law! Whenever I get busy doing practical and sensible work, things turn up that I would love to devote all my attention and energy to!

I am pandemic-tired. And I guess many of you are too. The lockdown forces me to spend half of my time on my boys, so the rest of that time has to go to housework, groceries and cooking. But I refuse not to paint! And I will do these commissions! Because a year ago, after having to have dealt with many people who held me back, I promised myself that nothing will stop me anymore from doing what I love and want to do: make art, sell art, make friends. And I bloody well will!

Hoo haa!

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

11 thoughts on “I shall make Art, whatever it takes!

  1. I too believe that the more you ‘move’, the more things come your way. I was out of work for a bit, and didn’t spend my time doing anything productive, and it was like that for the better part of the year. Then I started to move, worked on my personal project, picked up some volunteer work, and that’s just snowballed into more work and creativity. Interesting thought. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. I agree! It’s like the universe helps you when you started something. Perhaps that is what ‘God helps who helps himself’ means. I love being in a flow! And perhaps that flow is what I miss during the lockdown. Too many things keep me from getting into the zone.
      I can see how some people, who give up trying, don’t get hew chances anymore. They sink lower and lower into the hole of nothingness.

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