The Essence of favourite Objects

I remember my art teacher asking us pupils this question over and over again: ‘What do you think an artwork should look like? Show me the answer in your work!’ At the time I had no answer to his question at all. I had not yet developed my own idea of what I found to be vital in my visual works. Nor the skills to depict this. I was still finding out if I even had the talent to become anything artistic at all!

Now that I am more experienced as an artist, I think I have developed my personal opinions on what I think an artist should be able to do and what I think makes a good artwork. These opinions are open to change though. I like to be challenged. But having an ideal can help you develop your own style and make your work stand out from that of others. It is interesting to think about what the essence of an artwork is, its core, its being, its heart.

What I think an illustration should look like, by me.

Funny enough, I have recently noticed that I tend to look for the essence in objects too! Some people ask me whether I collect things. I don’t, but what I do like, is to buy things that to me represent the core of what I think that object should look like! For instance….. the teapot of all teapots… That particular teapot that in its simple way stands for all the other teapots in the world. With the perfect shape and colour! No frivolities, just made with the basics that an Über-teapot needs. Now, of course, this is only MY opinion, but I cannot speak for others anyway.

My Über teapot, from Le Creuset., France

The same goes for my collectors item – teddy bear from Steiff, that I think couldn’t be a more classically designed teddy bear! All the other stuffed bears could be derived from this one, the king of Teddy’s. This to me is the Teddy behind all Teddy’s. Perhaps the fact helps, that Margarete Steiff was the woman who in 1902 made the first teddy bear in the world. So in this case I have gone to the root of the teddy bear and what I am claiming, might actually be true!

James Bear, by Steiff GmbH, Germany

Now, this principle goes for all the basic things I use and love: my handbag, my perfect Dutch oven, my dolls house, my shoes, my woollen jumper and so on….. Sometimes certain brands help me to find them. I mean, it’s easier to look for the king of woollen jumpers in Scotland or Ireland than in the Netherlands. And, when looking for the best Dutch oven ever, I’d best turn to an old brand like Le Creuset, France, Quality helps me to enjoy my favourite things even more. I know that when I spend a substantial amount of money on a Le Creuset, that I will be able to enjoy it for many years. Some brands have hundreds of years of experience in finding the best ways to manufacture their products….

I wonder if I am the only one who looks for this essence in his/her favourite objects? In art, in music, people? Please leave a comment below!

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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11 thoughts on “The Essence of favourite Objects

  1. I loved this post. Like you, I search for the “essence” — in things, but for me, primarily in nature. As a landscape painter, I don’t want to merely paint trees or clouds or bushes. I want to capture some inner quality, something that resonates with me, something I feel compelled to express in my art. So glad I found your blog!

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    1. I can’t tell you how happy your comment made me! Thank you! I can imagine very well what you’re looking for in nature. I guess I experience something similar when I paint mine. Perhaps it is a part of pur job as an artist, to find that what is important, without all the distracting additions! Welcome to my blog, happy you’re here. I am already following you and I will check out your new posts! ❤️

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