Introducing my Christmas Offer

Since we all need an extra wonderful Christmas during these difficult times, I am introducing a special Christmas offer! If you already had been thinking of investing in an artwork of mine, now is the time!

Here’s what you get:

From the 14th until the 28th of December, I am giving you 20% discount on my whole collection!

So, that means either getting this discount on the original artwork OR on a print! Or both! (Please note that the P & P are not included and that this offer is not to be combined with other offers.)

Yes, I ship internationally! 🙂

If you’re interested, just please leave a message in the comments, or email me at: can find all my artworks on my website, including titles, sizes and prices! Have a look a check them out!

4 thoughts on “Introducing my Christmas Offer

    1. Dear Tiffany, how lovely to hear! 🙂❤️ Makes me really happy to know people appreciate my work, and not only because they know me, if you know what I mean!

      I have shipped to the USA quite a few times. I keep my work affordable by painting on paper and not framing the work. This reduces the weight of the parcels. Most of my work I do on A4 – size for this reason too and also because it is easy to frame. Some I do on A3. I want my work to find its way to people who aren’t rich too.

      If I would send you an A4 – print to the USA, it would be $15,- P & P without track and trace and $36,- with.

      An A3 print is more expensive, because of the weight. That would costs $30 P & P without track and trace and $38,- with.

      The first option I ship the most. Thankfully I haven’t had problems yet with parcels not arriving, and my returning customers dare to take the chance on ordering without track and trace. But that would be entirely up to you.

      The prices of my original works you can find on my website, or you can just drop me a line! Glad to help.

      If you prefer a print, then an A4 print costs $20 and an A3 costs $28,-

      I hope this will help you a bit! Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! I’m around!

      And thanks again,

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      1. Thank you so much for the details! I think that is reasonable and about what I was quoted when I tried to ship to the UK, but my customer thought it was too much! You have so many wonderful pieces, it would be difficult to choose, but I will someday!☺️

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