Forgotten – not even a Poem

‘Forgotten – not even a Poem’

A Poem by Eva Mout, Ursus Art
Forgotten, Eva Mout, acrylics and crayon on paper, A3, €160,-

I can see that I’m there again: sitting on the wrong side of the window, trying to catch a glimpse of past blood and love. I need to tend to old feelings and faces. And to the last moments of the disintegrated lives, that once ruled mine.

Like misty shadows they hold my shoulders, nudging me, pushing me, jerking my arms. All they want is to be seen. I have nothing to gain, but to run my fingers through worn out melodies. And to breathe in their hoarse whispers of old.

It’s alright. Time will catch up with me again. I will get up and clean my house.

And I will once more be as oblivious as I was before.

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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10 thoughts on “Forgotten – not even a Poem

      1. I think that over the centuries things don’t really change….. there are people who do sweet things for small animals and there are people who choose money and power….. only form changes…..
        I keep my world small with a few good friends, my husband, children and animals and my art. That is all I need. World news and especially the news in my country (The Netherlands) gives me anxiety, so I try to stay away from it and paint pictures that make people happy instead. Xxxx


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