Posh Animal Portraits – nicked? Or mine….

Have you ever thought of something you believed was new and original, but then you stumbled upon something very similar?

These are my Posh Animal Portraits. I did these a few years back. I loved drawing them and they were quite popular amongst my friends. So I printed sets of postcards and sold them for a modest price. When I drew and painted them, I was convinced that these animals, dressed in fancy clothes, came straight from my own imagination. And I guess they did. But when I went on holiday in England a year later, I stumbled upon a window display in which I saw a painting that looked just like my deer in uniform. It was almost exactly the same! I stood there for a long time staring at it and wondering if I had gone crazy, or whether it was just a coincidence. Or…. whether I had seen a picture like that before I even started doing my illustrations, but forgotten about it? I still don’t know. I don’t know how my mind works exactly. But I do remember how frustrated I felt.

Does it really matter? I guess not. At the time I was convinced it was my idea and I made a lot of people happy with my postcards. Also, I learned a lot from making them. And anyway, like I said in my previous post: originality isn’t even important…..

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

If you happen to be interested in my postcards, they’re still for sale at €12,= per set (p&p not included). You can see the sets below. Just message me in the comments.

Set A, B or C
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