Being original isn’t important. Here’s why.

Artists, please don’t try to be original. Because nothing is. And it doesn’t matter. 

All the important stories that are being told, visually or verbally, have already been told over and over again for thousands of years. Archetypal stories of love, of good and evil, of loneliness, the failing hero, of a journey…..are not new.

It is the telling and retelling of these stories that is important. As long as you tell them your own way, you have created something new and added value another person’s life. Don’t confuse authenticity with originality..

There is a lot of stock being put into something being NEW these days. But an old story that has proven its value over a longer period of time holds more meaning than something new that will probably fade with fashion. Please don’t get fooled by the illusion that seems to be so popular amongst the modern idea of worth. It will save you a lot of energy and stress.

Eva Mout

Ursus Art
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3 thoughts on “Being original isn’t important. Here’s why.

      1. Yes its very true. Many artists feel that their work has to be original and often end up copoying others work. Its ok to experiment. You have a voice and you need to share it dear

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