Think Ink!

Ink and I, we are a team. Together we make the prettiest pictures. I do the thinking, ink does the painting. But working together hasn’t always been easy: I wanted him to do what I had in my mind, but he has a will of his own! Ink runs freely into many directions while I have a particular image in mind that I want him to depict! So I took my toilet paper and pushed it into his blots. ‘Not that fast, please! Oh, not there, not that much colour…’

But…. since we are actually very much alike when it comes to our need for freedom, I have had much patience with learning to understand his character and his needs. I don’t like it either when people try to control me, or when they want to make me feel smaller than I really am. Only when I am criticised out of love, I listen, change and grow. So…. I now know when to let go of my need for control and let my ink go and do his thing. And I now also when to stop him and steer him into a different direction. We have mutual understanding and respect. Ink and I are friends.

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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