The Fun of the Artwork Wrap-up.

There is no better feeling for me than to have wrapped up an art-project!

I love that point when I know that I have successfully finished an artwork, and that from that moment on the selling-bit begins! That means taking good and sometimes original photographs of the artwork and posting them online, cycling to the print shop to order prints and postcards and making a nice little ad to show my potential customers.


I, of course, never know in advance whether I will sell my artwork. I never know whether other people will be as enthusiastic about my current work as I am…. but the not knowing makes it even better! It’s exciting not to know! It’s thrilling! And if I do sell, I love wrapping up the painting, adding some freebies and my business card to the parcel, waiting for the payment to arrive and then sending it abroad! Sending my painting or print to that someone who is looking forward to receiving it! How wonderful is that! And once they have, I get to receive sweet responses and to look forward to my next project! They’re simple pleasures, but they’re totally real and self-made…..

Today I went to the print shop and came home with 10 beautiful prints of my latest illustration. I love to feel the weight of the pack of prints in my hands and see the depth of the colours that the machine managed to maintain. I then had the fun of making this little advertisement and right now I am enjoying waiting for some responses on Facebook. I will never get rich being an artist. I can’t even live of it. But that doesn’t seem to take away anything of the fun!

There is no other purpose to this post than to let you share in my enjoyment and to tell you that:

I love my job!

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

How is this for you? Please comment!

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