Artist lost in the marketing Maze

My artist brain struggles with the business side of my work.

I find the marketing side of being an artist overwhelming at this moment in time. I quit for today. Here I am, having decided to finally take the step to ‘get out there’, but ending up feeling like I am being torn into too many directions. It seems I have to do it all in only a few hours a day… I have just finished setting up my website and now I need to learn how to blog correctly (so many do’s and don’t’s!), so I can get visitors on my website. I also have set up my Google My Business-account, which was a whole adventure on its own. Yesterday I have opened up a Pinterest -account, which is supposed to draw traffic to my website, but I also need time to create ads to go onto Facebook and Twitter, maintain my Dayflash and my Instagram-account… and get to making art too? I don’t think so. I can’t keep this up! I am an artist, not a marketing girl and I can feel my creativity and enthusiasm get less by the day. Wasn’t this to be predicted……

Okay. Don’t panic! I need to choose. I can only focus on so many social media-accounts. And I shouldn’t feel so overwhelmed by the wiz kids in the tutorial videos that get everything right, because that is their job! Not mine! I need to relax and remember who I am.

Thank God I have just learned from a tutorial on blogging that I can ditch my Instagram-account immediately, because people on Instagram don’t let themselves guide outside of the app to other pages and accounts. And perhaps the audience is too young for me anyway. I think people who buy my artworks are generally over the age of 40 and Instagram is teenage heaven. Pinterest on the other hand is supposed to be THE tool to draw traffic onto your website and blog. But that platform is new to me and seems to be a huge universe on its own. It will take me a while to get the hang of that.

Then we have Dayflash. I tried that. A nice and friendly visual platform, ideal for eye candy and no social media hatred, but there is no communication on there at all, so therefore also no possibility for building up a relationship with a potential customer. I will close the account. Twitter I’m not sure about….. Need to think about that one.

I am an artist. I am used to almost immediate visual results. So I want it now. But it doesn’t work that way, does it…. Checking my WordPress statistics every hour doesn’t increase the number of the followers and likes. I need the patience to build up my business over the coming years, not weeks. So, I will take a deep breath and go for a walk. Statistics aren’t everything and I need time to still be able to sit at my desk and create an artwork that I am proud of.

Rant over

Eva Mout, Ursus Art

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6 thoughts on “Artist lost in the marketing Maze

      1. I was used to have one but my family forced me to shut it down. I am willing to start one again asap. And yeah, i have closed my accounts to keep my focus on some particular stuff.


  1. Oh, dear, we all know exactly how you feel, it can be overwhelming! Just schedule some time to work on it every day, a little at a time, you can’t do it all in one day! My best advice is to make sure you like and comment on others sites, it’s a two-way street. I have had some luck making sales through Instagram, but Twitter and Facebook suck for me. Live shows are best, but of course, that is challenging these days. Just don’t get discouraged, your work is really good!

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    1. What a nice reply, thank you! I have decided to downsize yesterday. I will do some marketing on a few platforms every day and spend the rest of my time being an artist. I have to stay close to myself anyway.
      And you’re right about the two way street. i am working on that. Although how Pinterest works is a mystery to me
      Thanks so much!


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