Inside World

A Poem

By Eva Mout
‘The Step’ – Eva Mout – photo of mock-up

In here,

since last year,

all halls deserted,

clocks slowing down,

hardly any visitors,

and their last few footsteps

printed with caution

One sits and one waits

True moments of courage,

then cringing and crawling,

for one aims to please

Wonderful schemes 

and ancient dreams

will never be dreamt again

Whatever one asks, first a sigh,

then this reply:

“I think it was all in vain”

“I have this inside world

and must complete my game

I will not leave my inner room

and won’t increase my fame

And if you want to know my fear;

mortality is its name”

“No time for parades of honour,

no eye for a crying world,

sweating and slaving,

desperately craving,

wanting to cope on its own

So if these people wish to reign,

then give them my vacant throne

For if it ‘s true my time is over,

I‘d rather die all alone

Eva Mout, Ursus Att

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