A Good King’s Prayer

A poem

Dear God,

This fearsome worry haunts my mind,

I was a father, severe but kind,

brought him up to wear the crown,

but all attempts have let me down

My grown-up son, my only child,

still is boisterous, foolish, wild

He drinks and smokes, and is girl-crazy,

but the worst of all: he is damn lazy!

And though I love him with true passion,

how I fear this unavoidable succession!

Is he what he is supposed to be?

Or am I the only one to see

the subject ‘s well-being is at stake

Oh, what to do, for goodness sake!

His crown too heavy,

his coat too long,

Lord, let him be great and wise and strong!

Since I feel that I am dying,

for me no way to still keep trying

So I beg You to try and show

all there is about a king to know

Eva Mout

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