Little Captain Lullaby

A poem

What does he feel when he stays down below,

What are his troubles that tease him so

What does he sing when you don’t hear him sigh,

He sings of oceans, grand and majestic,

He sings his Captain Lullaby

‘Little Captain Lullaby’ – by me – ink on paper – sold

Are you that lonely, my almighty friend?

Have you no equals who too never bend?

Or can ‘t you escape from your robe, deeply black

That always covers your old crooked back?

You feel all alone, being great, being King,

afraid that the world is just a submissive little thing

Time is gone, the world has turned black,

your work is done, just come up on deck!

For my waves are waiting, to wash you away

fizzing a tune, trying to say:

Rest a shore, my nautical sire,

There is still one left for you to admire

Look into my wet blue eye

Watch me under the soothing black sky

Captain, my Captain, why can ‘t you see,

that you‘re just a drop

compared to wide open me

Eva Mout

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5 thoughts on “Little Captain Lullaby

      1. Thank you Susan! I did these 20 years ago, lol, when I was 20 or 21… I still love the same subjects, so now I draw and paint them! ❤️


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