First Post by an Artist on a Mission

When you’re an artist, these days it is crucial to get your work ‘out there’ on social media. Especially if you don’t want to get stuck in the local arts and crafts-scene of your home town, which I really, really don’t.

The words ‘out there’ aren’t very defined. The goal is to get my artworks under the attention of the right crowd/audience/public. In my case probably of openminded people, who are interested in art, music, dance, etc. But I might be completely wrong about this too. How to find out what that crowd is…..THAT I will have to find out. And also how to reach it.

My name is Eva Mout. I am a Dutch artist at Ursus Art, which is my own little business. For years I have been producing artworks, so I have enough to show, but now it is time to try and set up my business for real. And that is like a whole new world to me, so I am expecting quite a journey.

This is me.

Now, I could tell you all about what I do as an artist, but I think it is best to refer you to my website. That is so much easier and that way you can draw your own conclusions. Have fun looking around and I will see you in my next blog.

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